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Helping raise the standard for Lewis Girls Comprehensive School

As with all schools, the toilets at Lewis Girls Comprehensive School were a hot topic of conversation for the students.

The school toilets were in need of refurbishment and the students didn’t enjoy using the facilities. Lynette Payne, Site manager, and Caretaker Warren Baker, set about making changes, meeting with the students, school council, senior staff and various departments within the council to discuss upgrading one of their toilet blocks. As commented by Lynette Payne, “we are an all girls’ school, apart from the mixed 6th form, and the school toilets are always a high priority.”

Building up to this refurbishment, several schools were visited within the Caerphilly Borough to help Lewis Girls Comprehensive School establish how they wanted to refurb their toilet block. On visiting another school, Lynette Payne noticed Wallgate’s next generation all-in-one Thrii hand wash dryer and was very impressed and surprised with the condition of the equipment. Wallgate’s products are designed to be reliable, durable and robust so it is no surprise that they can easily withstand the heavy usage and demands that come with a school environment.

Lewis Girls Comprehensive School, over the course of an eight week refurbishment, had Wallgate’s all-in-one Thrii hand wash dryers installed, as well as Wallgate’s robust solid surface WC’s. They have already seen fantastic results with cost savings due to no longer requiring hand towels and soap dispensers - the students now find using the facilities a more enjoyable experience.

Lynette Payne commented, “I am really pleased with the durability of the equipment, and very impressed that after 12 months of heavy use the equipment still looks and works as it did on day one.”

Lewis Girls Comprehensive School are looking to refurbish another toilet block this year, and would be happy to use Wallgate’s products again. Over the last year they have seen cost savings with the Thrii hand wash dryer, showing how Wallgate products can help save costs long term on ongoing maintenance reduces the costs on soap and there’s no longer a requirement to purchase paper towels or replace broken holders.

Wallgate are very pleased to help transform washroom facilities, making clean and innovative spaces for students, and that after this experience with Wallgate, Lynette Payne said, “I would definitely be happy to recommend Wallgate, their products do exactly as they say on the tin!”

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